The Hobbiton set is deep in the hills near Matamata. The set was rebuilt for The Hobbit Trilogy as a permenant feature as the original set was made of plywood and polystyrene and only meant as a temporary structure for the Lord of the Rings films.

The family who owned the land approached Peter Jackson and the film company to see if they could turn it into a tourist attraction after filming had finished.

There are several full size, 90% and 60% Hobbit holes so the film makers could use trick photography to make the actors look like Hobbits who were no more than 5ft 4in.








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  1. WoW Rees we looking at your blog, it looks like our panda is having a great time.

    We want to know what the weather is like? Is it hot or cold? (David Dodd)

    1. Hi, the weather has been great 23c is an average. We are in the South Island now and it is 19c but cool on a night.

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