Fun in Queenstown

Fun in Queenstown

Before starting the long trip north we thought we would have some fun in Queenstown.

We started with the shotover jet a boat ride like no other. Another New Zealand invention the jet boat has no propeller so can zip through very low Water levels at high speed, it is also super manoeuvrable spinning 360 degrees and continuing on its way.

Jetboats were originally designed by Sir William Hamilton (who developed a waterjet in 1954) for operation in the fast-flowing and shallow rivers of New Zealand, specifically to overcome the problem of propellers striking rocks in such waters. The Shotover jet can travel at over 85km in just 4inches of water.

Our driver Ryan showed us just how fast and agile these boats are we sped through the Shotover gorge inches from the clif face at 85kph. This was great fun.

The afternoon saw us take a leisurely trip high above Queenstown on the Skyline Gondola before more fun on the Luge. The luge has its own ski lift high in the hills, you then race down at high speed over a very winding track.

We then headed off to a little place called Haast for an overnight stay.

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