Whale Watching Kiakoura

Whale WatchWhale watching at Kiakoura started in the mid 80’s and is now big business. It is still ran by the local Mauori families and puts a great deal of the money back into the conservation of the area.

We were booked on the 9.30 trip, after a short safety briefing we took a 10min coach ride to the South Bay marina to board our catamaran for the trip out to hopefully see the giant sperm whale.

We travelled at speed in a specially designed boat 8 miles out to sea passing over the continental shelf where a sheer drop of 1000 Mtrs provides perfect feeding grounds for the whales who’s favourite food here is squid which they eat up to a tonne a day.

The boats captain and crew are experienced at locating the whales and with the help of a hydrophone it was not long until Manu a resident sperm whale surfaced after feeding. On a calm still day everyone was silent as this giant whale gasped for air after holding its breath for over 1 hour. After 10 min of rest Manu got ready to dive again, we all waited for the spectacular finale as he dived to over 1000mtrs.

We headed inshore where we saw albatross, shearwaters and blue sharks. We were then treated to a large pod of dusky Dolphins who were in a playful mood and followed our boat for a while.

We then headed back out to sea where we would again meet Manu who resurfaced after just over an hour.

We then returned to port all very happy and privileged to have seen such a great animal.

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