Fox Glacier

We arrived in Fox early afternoon and booked into the Fox Top10 site.

It was a sunny day but Mt Cook was shrouded in cloud and unlikely to say hello. After settling in Rees and Keli found the free go-carts and were soon whizzing around the site.

We decided that we would walk into Fox to shop and look around.
In The town we met Nick who runs the Top10 site and we asked him about the best deal for Glacier flights. He took us to see Fox Helicopter Services who advised a early flight to see the best of the mountains. We booked on the 9am flight. After a quick Handle and some hot chips we got some shopping in for tea, another BBQ.

We had been told about glow worms in a near by wood so at dusk we headed into the wood to find the glow worms, we were not disappointed and the wood came alive with little green fluorescent lights

We returned to the campsite and all enjoyed our BBQ before an early night.

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