Mitai Maori Cultural Evening and Hangi

The Mitai family are a real Maori tribe that live in Rotarua on there land they have decided to share with people the pride they have in thier culture and history.

We were welcomed onto thier land by the chief of the tribe, we spent some time discovering where all the travellers had come from. People with us who had travelled on the 4 winds came from 20 different lands. Our host addressed everyone in thire native tongue, quite a feat and well appreciated.

We then went to see the unveiling of the Hangi a traditional feast cooked on hot stones underground.

Then we experienced the Maori cultural show which showed how the Moari came to New Zealand and how the rituals are still part of everyday life.

We then celebrated by eating together before a trip to the Glow Worms and sacred spring.

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