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28th November 09 New Photos

11th November 09 New Photos

13th October 09 New Photos

28th September 09 New Photos

24th August 09 New Photos

1st August 09 - New Photos

8th July 09 - New Photos

!7th June 09 - Thanks (Updated)

17th June 09 - The Story (so far)

17th June 09 - Photo's Updated

10th June 09 - New photo's (At last)

10th June 09 - Rebuild Update (At last)

2nd April 09 - Rebuild Updated

25th March 09 - Who's Who and Thanks Page Added

25th March 09 - Rebuild and Accident Galleries Updated

8th March 09 - Rebuild and Accident Galleries Updated

1st March 09 - Extention goes up New Photos (Gallery)

4th February 09 - Footings & Founds now upto floor level ( see GALLERY)

3rd February 09 - The founds are laid and moe internal work done

3rd February 09 - More Updates at the Gallery

2nd February 09 - Goto the GALLERY Page for updates

2nd February 09 - Despite the Weather Building work started today

24th January 09 - Building work starts very soon

15th January 09 - Building Control ays we can start work

5th January 09 - still working to get all our plans through Conservation Ofice

18th December 08 - Site Visit by Builder, Archietect and Building Contol

17th December 08 - Site Updated

15th December 08 - Drawings Submitted to Building Control

14th November 08 - look at the updated gallery pics that show the arrival of our carvan.

25th October 08 – Well we have been in a week now and we can report - ITS COLD...

17th October 08 – Well we are out and in our new home, we have a special on clothes pegs at the moment if anyone is interested

10th October 08 – Well we have splashed out (hope the sale goes through) on a new home. well a static caravan that will be home for the next 12months. See our new home in the gallery section

30th September 08 – Everything is going through so looks like we will be on course for a 17th of October eviction.

19th August 08 – Wow We have managed to sell the house, we have just accepted an offer so fingers crossed we should be on the move.

12th August 08 - Development is slow as we have been unable to sell our house to fund the re-build, if you know anyone who wants a 3 bed semi in the sticks contact at: or indeed view and buy here: House for Sale

5th August 08 – After the accident we have had both a stonemason and metalwork specialist look at the damage, we wait for the news of what can be done and how much. Watch this space.

3rd August 08 - Accident destroys wall and part of entrance (see gallery). Late on Sunday night a car lost control and crashed into the Lodge wall causing lots of damage. This is something we did not need, thankfully no one was hurt and we hope the wall can be replaced. See the gallery for the pictures of the damage.

1st February 08 - See the gallery for images of the demolition

5th January 08 - We have the plans passed and work on the lodge can start

20th November 07 - We submitted our palns to the planning office now we wait